"We lost in Moscow 4 years ago, just after my mum passed away. I’ve been desperate to win it ever since. I’d give it all away just to have my mum back for a day, but she was looking over us tonight." [after Chelsea won their first CL title in 2012]

R.I.P Pat Lampard

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Offensive Coordinator James Coley wore Google Glass during the Miami Hurricanes’ Spring Game on April 12. Here’s what he saw.

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It is so easy to be disappointed, critical, cynical. Nothing is easier than to be a negative person. It takes effort to be hopeful and positive. People will say that you have to have a reason to be positive - what reason do the poor or lonely have to be positive? If we all waited for perfect conditions in our life before we felt hopeful, we would have very few days in life to celebrate. Perfection is rare. Hope means no matter how bleak, all things can and do change in the blink of an eye.
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I would do almost anything to climb this tree.

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